Photographer / Instructor

Tom Gallovich Artistic Photography

Long ago Tom purchased a Minolta X – 570 to obtain reference for his nature paintings. Always up before sunrise, he began to record some of natures most powerful moments. It was then, he decided that some of his photographs could not be improved by a painting. Photography was now demanding most of his time. Using his artistic background as the foundation to compose his photos, Tom’s work slowly gained attention. After winning hundreds of state-wide awards, he began to enter National and International competitions. Placing in such events as the Natural World Photographic Exhibition, Carnegie Museum, and Triennial/Biennial at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. With many workshops, completing his book “Power Composition”, and teaching at the associate degree level behind him, Tom is now moving forward to create his best work ever. He currently resides in Western Pennsylvania.


I am open to questions.

The selection of camera functions will have a direct impact on your photographs composition. With time and practice the effects of these choices will be known. No matter the subject or the equipment used it will be your compositional arrangements that will yield the best images.

Tom’s book power composition is the basis for his workshop construction. In this book he explores all the elements that go into shooting effective images–from camera and lens controls, to the arrangement of lines and shapes, to the rendering of colors. With these techniques, you will be prepared to maximize the visual impact of all of your photos!

In the end composition will be the most important factor. An image properly exposed and sharply focused but poorly designed will amount to little.